[Just For Fun] Para Bibi dari SM

First and second aunties out shopping

bibi pertama dan kedua yang sedang belanja

Third auntie bored at home watching dramas after sending her kids off to school

bibi Ketiga yang sedang bosan di rumah menonton drama setelah mengantar anak-anaknya ke sekolah

Fourth auntie preparing for her marriage

bibi Keempat mempersiapkan pernikahannya

Fifth auntie rushing to work because she’s late

 Bibi Kelima bergegas untuk bekerja karena dia terlambat

Maknae auntie (who’s also a drama scriptwriter) attending her nephew’s graduation

Bibi Maknae (yang juga seorang penulis naskah drama) menghadiri kelulusan keponakannya

Great aunt who is currently not on speaking terms with the family because she’s going through a divorce

The real first auntie who’s been hidden away

Source: Instiz

Cr: netizenbuzz

Ind Trans : Pyororo

ps : I DO NOT OWN THIS PICT. I do not claim them as mine, so you shouldn’t claim them yours as well~ Let’s respect the owners ^^



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Onew SHINee Chibi and FanArt